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Automatic Cartoning Machine

The machine can be used single or joint with pillow-type packing machine or other equipment for a production line.

Automatic Cartoning Machine
HZ-100 Automatic Cartoning Machine suitable for automatic feeding and packing products such as ALU-PVC Blister, bottle,cosmetics, commodity, hardware, card, and some other similar products into the carton. Adjust automatic feeding structure conveniently, randomly setup the quantity of blisters on touch screen.Online products feeding and detecting, leaflet folding(1-4 folds) and feeding, leaflet detecting,carton opening and forming, products and leaflet pushing into carton, printing lot number,sealing carton with tuck-in or hot melt glue device.Automatic reject lacking of package products and leaflet and convey the finished products. 
  • Adopt International famours brand of electrical component such as PLC, Frequency inverters,etc.
  • Adopt Human-machine operation system.
  • Servo feeding suitable for different specification Alu-pvc blister.
  • Automatically stop when machine is overloaded.
  • Autoamatically reject lacking of package products and leaflet.
  • Automatically display trouble, alarm and counting.
  • Stable performance,easy operation.
  • Encasing speed:50-100baxes/min
  • Box Quality requirement:250-350g/㎡
  • Box Dimension range:70-180mm×35-85mm×14-50mm
  • Leaflet Quality requirement: 60-70g/㎡
  • Unfolded leaflet specification :80-250mm×90-170mm
  • Leaflet Fold range:1-4
  • Compressed air wordking pressure:≥0.6mpa
  • Compressed air consumption:20m³/h
  • Power supply:220V 50HZ
  • Moto power:0.75kw
  • Machine dimension:3100×1100×1550
  • Machine weight:1400kg