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HZ-420 Automatic Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process in which the product packaging is made ​​on the ground - instead of packing the product. Plastic film and packaging material is heated to forming temperature and a special form (matrix) with the help of air and Vacuums disbanded, obtaining the required form of product packaging. The process of thermoforming packaging is made ​​with equipment that immediately Insertion of a product. Thermoforming machine can add a variety of accessories, such as, for example, with labeller, which straight after the sealing of packages sticks a label on them. Thermoforming technology can be used in small batches for packaging and as a large product line of packaging.

HZ-420 Automatic Thermoforming Packaging Machine
Fresh meat, seafood, pickles, vegetables, agricultural products, herbs, bean paste, prepared foods, electronic parts, medical instruments and medicine...etc.
  • Easy changing die set
  • Durable transport chain which are outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Forming and sealing tools are cooled with water
  • Sealing temperature and forming temperature are easy to setting by touch screen separately
  • Machine with out feed conveyor for easy of product discharge
  • Chain advance speed adjustable by touch screen
  • Display screen monitor all device status easy to maintenance and service
  • Centralized air control system protection for operator
  • Model:HZ-420
  • Machine dimension:5100 x 810 x 1900mm
  • Width of bottom film:450mm
  • Width of sealing film:420mm
  • Max. forming depth:80 mm
  • Air Supply: 0.8Mpa
  • Water consumption: 0.15Mpa
  • Power:380V 50HZ
  • Special design is available for various product.
  • Coding or labeling.
  • Cross cutting applies to different pattern.
  • Water cooiing macnine.