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HZS-800 High Speed Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Adopt the newest Vertical Side Sealing Packaging system on the machine. The packing speed reaches 60 pieces per minute, it can pack different sizes of products, including the irregular products.

HZS-800 High Speed Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine
Pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetic, electronic products, toys,etc.(Instant bowl noodles, tape, insecticides, aerosol cans, books, CDs, jello, pudding and other similar products.)
  • sealing format of three sides sealing.
  • Equipped with PLC control system and safety protecting and alarm devices;
  • According to different collocations for the machine and different products, the max packing speed is up to 60pcs/min;
  • The length of shrink film is automatically adjusted by the electric yes and control timer;
  • Digital display with package legth,speed and temperanure adyustable separately,easy and accurate to use.
  • Design of mechanical structure is simple and reasonable,which makes the operation easy and reliable.
  • Date coder.
  • Stainless steel machine frame.
  • CE or UL standards.
  • MODEL:HZS-800
  • Operating Speed:20 - 60pack/min
  • Bag Length:: 55-500 mm
  • Max Film Width(max. roll dia.):800mm
  • Product Width (max.):20-340mm
  • Product Height:110mm
  • Heater:800W for center sealer / 1500W for end sealer